decolonisation artist
An organic language that absorbed the applied data of the Soviet Union's utopia, the triumph of the internet' will, and the endless spectacle of televised war.
An organic language that absorbed the applied data of the Soviet Union's utopia, the triumph of the internet' will, and the endless spectacle of televised war.
Born in USSR, raised in Ukraine, and am now living in Barcelona. Working on an intersection of Web3 or AI usage and future societal practices for an unmetaverse.
I've worked as a music editor, label owner, journalist, DJ, and radio host for five years.
I've been researching consumer behavior on the internet via PR and ADs agencies for ten years.
Research of Russia's army post-truth when the Russian government denies its soldiers' death, so they become "immortal" or "invisible." Continuing a post-truth right-wing "fake rhetorics." Format: poster + announcement of the "missing Russian soldier in Ukraine."
The project researches the value of a human life measured by the governments as a minimum wage (amount of products a person could buy to survive). Location: trash dump situated next to the Uzhgorod cemetery, Ukraine. Created in collaboration with Evgeniy Kudryavtsev.
L'ArrivEe d'un train a La Ciotat:
propaganda 2020
Project researches implementation of propaganda toolkit on the global propaganda media outlet. How will propaganda affect us if it becomes voiceless? What would Guy Debord comment on this spectacle?
Death has become invisible. Solid walls hide death from "real life." Barcelona's cemeteries co-exist with shopping malls, business centers, and a healthy lifestyle. They are keeping their secret behind the walls.
(capsule hostel alienation)
Porto-Japanese capsule hotels have become a vision of the futuristic sleeping pods that will make us immortal. Cryogenic sleep is a sci-fi tool that reaches people to overcome death. But Chinese capsule hostel in Bilbao produced by cheap labor symbolizes an ultimate alienation akin to COVID-19 domestication.
TECHNO.UA: 2008 - 2012
Techno.UA was a cultural platform aimed at discovering the local artists, building a musical community, and developing Ukrainian identity in crisis times.
Data: 50 events, 15 radio shows, ten podcasts, 30 000 members in the community, two million reach. Techno.UA has been named the best electronic music project by the subcultural Ukrainian media
K1983 Ideology
K1983 pushes boundaries of human interactions through sensitive subjects that help release emotions and pave the way to human solidarity.
Sign system vocabulary streamlines complex relations between historical events like communism, social movements like feminism, and acts like televised war.
K1983 is a virus attacking the sleepy human condition, forcing people to find the cure within themselves, third parties, or in everyday activity.
Different projects in research and development stage.
Power structures communication
Video research of police propaganda and it's contemporary narration
Internet censorship (YouTube, Facebook)
Research of digital corporations owned censorship on birth.
Post-truth narration
Music performance based on YouTube "real war conflicts" excerpts
"Sand poured down from overhead. The man had a feeling of curiosity, as if he had returned to his childhood. He wondered whether the woman was old; she had been called granny. But the person who came to meet him, holding up a lamp, was a smallish, nice sort of woman around thirty. Perhaps she was wearing powder; for someone who lived by the sea, she was amazingly white. Anyway, he was extremely grateful for her cheerful welcome, from which she could not conceal her own pleasure."

Kōbō Abe "The Woman in the Dunes"

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