That all men being born under government, some or other, it is impossible any of them should ever be free, and at liberty to unite together, and begin a new one, or ever be able to erect a lawful government.

John Locke, Second Treatise on Civil Government
Each state is a public treaty. Between the state and its population, a pact is formed on the transfer of power into the hands of the government officials. Their function is to work for the benefit of the people [voters]. Officials are responsible for the success of a state enterprise. They, like the divine chosen ones, estimate how much a person's life costs.

And it costs extremely cheap. Human life is equated to the minimum salary (a food basket) at the legislative level from Ukraine to the United States. Suddenly, the individual and the John, Maria or X AE A-XII are legally measured by equal food standards: everyone from the Nobel laureate to the infant are energy variables (calories, phosphorus, iodine etc). Homo sapiens became equal to a loaf of bread, a carton of milk, cabbage and a chicken. That minimum that will not allow a person to die. Will allow him to survive.

So the law says
The minimum wage is the value sufficient for the maintenance of normal functioning of the human body, the preservation of their health, a set of food products, as well as the minimum of a set of non-food items for special needs after

2 in 1:
garbage dump + cemetery
"10 years have passed since the death of my father. For the first time in my life I decided to go to his grave. My path lay outside my native Uzhgorod (Transcarpathian region, now Ukraine, and earlier Austria-Hungary) — to the Barvinok cemetery. on the way along the spacious fields and the open summer sky, I noticed that the wall of a garbage dump was breathing in the back of the cemetery's head, towering over human memory. Literally on one heel of the earth, a person sacredly cares for deceased relatives, and garbage trucks pass by him, accompanying household waste (for sure, the same grieving one). Eternal intertwined with corruption.

The society of the performance is supplemented by gypsies — they "work" at the garbage dump and live here — away from human eyes, hiding behind weighty gravestones and thick bushes
Government officer
There are more than 244 thousand public sector employees in Ukraine. There are more than 170 Ukrainians per official. A petty official is a dependent bird, but if he gets to the possibility of influencing the processes, he is the King and God. The maker of destinies controls the population, determines the measure of their existence, putting his hands deep into the pockets of the country's inhabitants. The official has long been not only a function, but a real sword of the System. There is nothing further from the needs of the common man as an official with his memoranda, instructions and orders. The language of the official is the language of the bureaucracy.
State service (in Ukraine) — the whole community of Ukraine, who will loan the state service in the state authority, the second state body, the government office (secretary), I will receive a salary payment for the health of a cost-effective state budget the name of the institution and the functions of such a sovereign body, as well as to adhere to the principles of state service
Ukrainians are a deeply religious nation. The number of religious symbols in homes, cars and even offices of people is calculated in tons and kilometres of images of saints. Faith is inextricably linked with both the birth of a person and his death. The cemetery plays a sacred role in the life of the believer — it is a place of prayer, communication with the past and a tribute to the past.

The modern Ukrainian church is inextricably linked with politics. One of the reference political slogans "Army, Mova, Vira" polarized the country. Many people are tired of slogans that use faith as an argument in political struggle and have distanced themselves from publicly active denominations. In turn, projects such as the Renaissance Church attract many thousands of fans, irritating the progressive youth of the digital age.

There is a generational scrapping between the population.
Eugeny Kudryashev
It's hard to surprise me. I saw two wars and imagined what it was like to shoot at a garbage dump. So I shot how I felt. It was important for me to express the creative task by building a dialogue between the main character, the context of the landfill, the textured sky and living vegetation around.

What does an official feel during his work? Does he have human feelings? How right was Orwell? How much human is left in an official? Is it a human being or a function that we have generated?

"Father, forgive them, for they don't know what they are doing"
Luke 23:34
According to official data, more than 48 thousand Roma live in Ukraine, the leaders of the Roma communities report from 200 to 400 thousand (the same as the number of officials in the country). The largest number of Roma is found in Transcarpathia. Here they are an integral part of the urban landscape. They actively help officials in cleaning the streets.
In Uzhgorod, I was struck by everyday racism. When the local population accepts Roma, but treats them like lepers (when Roma are like a person, but at the same time they are not). Uzhgorod racism looks especially contrasted against the background of the current protests of Black lives matters. Gypsies live in the presented landfill. Their destiny is to sort the garbage of arriving cars, and at the end of the working day - go down to the camp, deployed between the cemetery and the garbage dump.
Nick Siusko
"In 1941, Hitler remembered the Gypsies and called them the greatest misfortune for the peasant population"... The Pan-Germanists suggested that each detained Gypsy should be marked in such a way as to be identified at any moment. For example, make him a tattoo with a number on his right forearm and indicate this number next to the name that will call the gypsies"... "The vagrancy of the gypsies "can only be dealt with through" forced settlements ": And, of course, at first these gypsy settlements should guard, and every night they must be controlled by a police patrol",

Brigitte Hamann , Hitler's Vienna: A Dictator's Apprenticeship [Oxford University Press, USA, 1999]
When we finished work at the dump and went down from it, the gypsies asked us where were the products that we previously had with us. We replied that we left them above and they can pick them up. Ten gypsies jumped off the ground as if from a chain. They ran upward in a race along the road we had previously passed. We understood that the cross would fall, and along with it, food would fall and disappear into the dump.
The authors of the project would like to thank Taras Hnatyuk, Natalia Stahl, mom and dad.
Nick Siusko
Multidisciplinary Artist
Child of the Soviet Union. Representative of the first browser generation. Ex-music editor, DJ, radio host. Explores new digital tools and digital communication languages, helping implement them from Coca-Cola to young startups. Emigrant.
Eugeny Kudryashev
Behind 2 wars: Russian-Georgian and Russian-Ukrainian. For many years he worked as a photographer in the industrial region of Donbass, now he lives in the city of Uzhgorod, which once belonged to Austria-Hungary. Captures the local context from food photography to filming the most important events in human life.