Invisible ARMY
In the Middle Ages, a noble death for the king and his order was considered patriotism. With a finger, he/she ordered thousands of knights to participate in wars, destroy cities and entire countries, and rape women and children.

In the 21st century, the patriotic practices of sacrificing a soldier to the sacrificial fire have survived, but this time history. After all, to go down in history and become part of their country's greatness - thousands of Russian soldiers dream of this by killing, raping and robbing Ukrainians.
Putin's power is characterized by glorifying patriarchal masculinity, a sense of duty to the fatherland, and commemorating mausoleum eternity. Thus, the death of a soldier ceases to exist, and he becomes part of an unending eternity - whether it be the Eternal Flame or a photograph on the mass procession of the Immortal Regiment.

At the same time, one of the indicative elements of Russian immortality is the denial of losses among the Russian army in the war in Ukraine. Hundreds of soldiers die every day, but official propaganda denies this fact. It seems to cancel their death, granting them bureaucratic eternity. There is no announced death on TV or social media - the soldier is alive. Especially when God is on the side of Russia and the Russian Orthodox Church is strongly associated with propaganda, blessing the soldiers, and funeral practices.

"Invisible Army" takes the search for the "eternal" soldier to European streets. The residents of Oviedo, Madrid, Gijon, and Barcelona were exposed to the ad: search for a missing soldier that went missing in the name of Putin during the siege of Mariupol. The protagonist - a real soldier who died in Ukraine - is one of the few who are "lucky" to appear in the memory practices of Russian social media. But how many of those will not even be granted such an honor?!

Human life is priceless for a Spaniard, Catalan, Asturian, or Madrid people. Whereas for the dictator - it is only a resource necessary to satisfy his desires. The minotaur statesman lured millions of men into his labyrinth, from where there was no way out alive.