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Endemic brands

Brands that create products used in game-production or for playing games. Computer components, devices, and energy drinks are the most common sponsors of esports.
HYPERX We're All Gamers
Feb 2019

RIOT GAMES SKT T1 Faker goes to LOL Temple for Training!
Sep 2014

BLIZZARD StarCraft II Free to Play: Legacy
Nov 2017
LENOVO The Senior Game Changers
Feb 2019
May 2017
MIXER Shroud Mixer Announcement/Trailer
Oct 2019
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Non-endemic brands
Brands that offer products and services not directly related to game production or esport.
MERCEDES-BENZ Into the Spotlight
Oct 2019
BUD LIGHT All Stars Esports Vote Begins May 7th
Aug 2017
INGAME Case study
Jun 2019
HTC Retirement Home
Mar 2016
DHL ESL One delivered by DHL
ESL Aug 2018
KIA MOTORS The #LEC welcomes Kia Motors!
Jan 2019
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